Winter Boots

Happy 2018! I know I am a week late to that party, but I am usually running behind anyway.

I have always been a New Year’s Resolution goal setter (and yes one this year is to be on time more). Resolutions help me reflect on my previous year and what I liked that I did and what I want to improve on. One of my resolutions for 2017 was to start a blog, and I accomplished that – yay me! I have enjoyed learning all that goes into blogging and even made a few mistakes along the way, but that is how you learn. So in 2018 it is time to learn from the mistakes I made with my blog and grow and improve. I have a few other resolutions but I will share those some other time. I also limit my resolutions to only about 5 a year, don’t want to get to carried away with a long list. And who says once you accomplish those 5 you can’t set more in August?!

Today I am sharing my new snow/winter boots I bought for an upcoming trip. In Texas snow is not as frequent as it is in the north, we may get a day where it snows but it is gone the next day. So I haven’t really needed a pair until now, and I didn’t want to spend too much for a pair that wouldn’t get used. I saw these on a recent trip to Target and they were under $40. How perfect! I love the two tone color and who can say no to fur. I have worn them a couple of times and they are very comfortable and I feel they will keep my feet warm while sightseeing next month. And they look great with both jeans and leggings.

They are selling out in some sizes in the tan and I have linked some similar options above all under $50 if they don’t have your size. There is also a grey option online, some sizes are sold out. But they do have all sizes stocked in the burgundy color which I love too. So if you want them and they have your size buy now before they are gone!



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