White Denim Under $70

Jeans / Tee / Wedges / Purse / Sunglasses (similar) / Necklace (similar)

Although I wear my white denim all year round in Texas some people may not break theirs out until spring and summer.  Today I am sharing several white denim options and all are under $70.

I own 3 pairs of white denim jeans, I don’t know why but I do.  I have a regular skinny pair, a skinny cropped pair and a distressed skinny pair.

I know white denim can be scary for some because well they are white.  But I (knocking on wood over here) have been very lucky to keep my clean when I wear them.  Maybe just avoid wearing them if you are going to around young kids or someplace where the chance of you getting dirty is very high.

So go and get you a pair of white denim jeans and don’t be scared to wear them out of the house!





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