Weekly Amazon Round Up

Weekly Amazon Round Up

Do you love Amazon? It seems these days you can purchase anything on there, and at times it can be overwhelming. So today I am sharing my Amazon weekly round up of items I have already purchased this week or plan to purchase this week. All the items have great reviews.
From the looks of my picks I am focusing on my face this week. I guess that isn’t a bad thing. As I am getting older I am realizing I can’t just wash my face each night and call it good. Sad but true huh? I wanted to try out a few new items that I have heard other people using to help with fine lines and wrinkles. Excited to try them out! Especially this Vitamin C Serum. And I see lots of these Derma Rollers that are cheaper to do yourself at home then to have it done by someone else. See you can find anything on Amazon! Have you heard out the blue light blocker glasses? I got mine in yesterday and already want to order more, so I can have a pair in every room of the house! And at $16 why not order multiple. Working on the computer/phone most of the day takes a toll on your eyes and I have heard great things about the blue light blocker glasses. Hopefully I will see a reduce in headaches, that is my main goal with using them. Shop the rest of my finds below, everything is linked and everything is under $30! Love finding great deals on Amazon. If you have used any of the products in today’s post please share your experience with me. I love hearing others reviews. Or are their items you have purchased on Amazon that are worth the buy? Feel free to share those too.

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