• Dallas – hometown 

    Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope your weekend is going great. I am going to get a little personal today because being home (Dallas) last weekend really made me homesick. Although I have been in Lubbock since February of 1999, 18 years now, Dallas is still home to me.  

  • D.C. Trip

    So I am home from my EXTENDED birthday weekend in Washington D.C. to celebrate my 37th birthday with my husband, parents, sister and brother-in-law  We had lots of fun, walked miles and miles and saw a lot while there. Here are my highlights and recommendations from the trip.  This trip was budget friendly from the beginning because we had one free flight with Southwest so for me and my husband to fly directly from Dallas to Reagan Airport it cost us $187!  Love good deals!!

  • Birthday Weekend

    Today we are off to Washington, D.C. for Valentine’s Day/my birthday.  Sunday I will turn 37 and I think I kinda panicked a little once I realized I was turing 37.  This month I have been reflecting a lot on my future and have written down a few goals.  Many times I see old friends and when asked the question ‘what have you been up too?’, the same thing always comes out ‘just work and Keeping up with my boys’.  Every time I say those words I think to myself, wow you are boring. I want more adventure, to accomplish something great, do something that makes me happy and others…