• Weekly Amazon Round Up

    Weekly Amazon Round Up

    Do you love Amazon? It seems these days you can purchase anything on there, and at times it can be overwhelming. So today I am sharing my Amazon weekly round up of items I have already purchased this week or plan to purchase this week. All the items have great reviews.

  • Spring Shoe Favorites

    Spring shoes are starting to show up in stores and I can't help but get excited that warmer weather is on the way. Anyone else over the cold? I am glad I live in TX because we seem to see warmer temps sooner in the south (sorry readers up North).

  • Holiday Party Looks

    Tis the season for all the holiday parties.  Do you have one to attend?  Or a few?  Today's post is all about looks for those parties.

  • Target Gift Guide For Everyone

    Hello! Can’t believe Christmas is less then one month away.  Do you still have shopping left to do?  This Target gift guide page will help you with ideas for everyone left on your list.  I hope that it helps you find something for everyone and allows you to do it all in one place to make things a little stressful…

  • Post All About Me

    Today I felt inclined to write a little post about me, get a little personal with you.   I don’t know if it is because of the upcoming holidays or the family pictures we had taken last week.  I felt like I wanted to share more about my personal life, which I usually keep very private.   So I divorced…