Off The Shoulder Trend

Happy early Mother’s Day to all my mother’s out there.  I hope that this mother’s day brings you a relaxing time with your loved ones.  I am looking forward to a full weekend with just me and my kids (the husband is out of town).  It will give me a few days to just enjoy every minute with them.

So the off the shoulder trend is all over the place and I have to admit I only own ONE off the shoulder top (don’t judge).  I love the look but I feel a little restricted in them and that is why I haven’t bought more.  I LOVE the way they look on everyone else but for some reason I struggle with them.  What are your tips or secrets to wearing your off the shoulder top?  Maybe I am just not trying on the right ones.  I would love to read your comments.

Here is the only one I own.  I love a good black top for going out.  And black can always be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you wear it with.  Again I love the look of the off the shoulder and I think it looks great.  But I hate when I raise my arms and the top moves up on my shoulders and I have to pull it back down, hoping I don’t pull it down too far and give someone a show (EEK).

TOP  |  JEANS  |  SHOES (similar) |  NECKLACE


I need help with this one!  Please leave your comments below on how you are rocking your off the shoulder tops.  Or you can email me to

Have a great weekend!

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