My First Post

Well here I go, I can’t believe I am actually writing my first blog post!  I have wanted to start a blog for awhile just never had the courage to start until now.  I am very excited to enter the blogging world and see what the future holds for me and my blog.  

A little about me, I have been married to my true love for 4 years, a mom of 4 boys, 2 of my own and 2 stepsons – ages 6-25.  We even have a male cat so I am totally outnumbered in my house!  I work outside my home full time.  I am remarried so my boys go between my house and their dads every other week.  I love to travel and I love to shop, but always on a budget.  I always look for good deals and love to share them.  

I will be sharing my style with you, raising boys, my travel adventures and my life unfiltered.  I hope this blog has a little for everyone.  


Photo credit Ashten Bryant Photography


Thanks for reading my first post and I can’t wait to share more.  Don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates on new blog posts.


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