Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I have had a blog now for almost a month and I have to admit I am not doing the best I can right now. Working a full time job and running a blog full time is hard work and those of you that do that and are successful I envy you right now.

When I get home from my 8-5 (that pays the bills) I am tired and just want to vedge out on the couch.  The last think on my mind is pulling out the laptop to write or go take pictures or go anywhere. I know I should have more motivation because I am just getting started but I am struggling. Those that have been blogging for a while I would love some tips. Or even if you have just recently started and have found some tips that are working for you.

My schedule may be different from each of you. If you have read my ‘about me’ page you know that I am divorced and have 50/50 custody with my boys dad. So I have my boys every other week (we switch on Mondays). It is what my boys have been doing for almost 5 years now and it is what they know. And I like that they get equal time with each parent and not limited time with their dad. Boys need their dads as much as their moms.

So with that said you would think I would have time every other week right to focus on my blog? Well that is my plan going forward so hopefully it will work out for me and my schedule. I love my time with my boys and miss them when they are gone.  Maybe putting more into my blog while they are with their dad will help pass the time and keep me busy.

These boys are what keep me trying to do better everyday!


Photo credit Ashten Bryant Photography


What works best for you? Email me at or comment below. I would love to hear your tips and tricks.

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