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Happy Sunday everyone!  Hope your weekend is going great.

I am going to get a little personal today because being home (Dallas) last weekend really made me homesick. Although I have been in Lubbock since February of 1999, 18 years now, Dallas is still home to me.


My parents live there as well as some of my siblings. When I go to visit I have a hard time leaving and adjusting once I am back in Lubbock. So why not move back you ask? Well I am divorced and remarried and I am tied to Lubbock until my kids graduate, which my youngest will graduate in 2028. I do like living in Lubbock don’t get me wrong but home is home. Those that have moved away from home might understand more with where I come from. There is just something that bonds you with where you grew up or were raised that will always be a part of you. Plus Dallas is a great city and there is so much to do there. One day I will go back for good but for now I will enjoy raising my kids in Lubbock and visit Dallas as much as possible.

Ok that is enough of the sappy talk, here is a little recap of our weekend in Dallas. We stayed at the Hilton Anatole this trip. Like I usually do when we travel, I booked this hotel through and got a great deal of $87.00 a night (not including the resort fee per night). We have stayed here a few times and we really enjoy it every time. They recently updated their outside pool area and we can’t wait to bring the kids back in the summer to enjoy the upgrades. Before they only had one pool with a swim up bar. Now they have three swimming areas – the pool with the swim up bar, a kid area with a slide and a lazy river. Friday night we enjoyed dinner at Manny’s in uptown with my parents and 2 of my brothers.  We sat out on the patio because the weather was beautiful (a storm/cold front did move in later that night). Manny’s has great Mexican food and the service was excellent.

Saturday we just hung out at my parents until the Rangers game that night. The boys have not been to a Rangers game since 2012 and they were very excited to go. They even sat through the entire game which was a shock to me. I thought Camden, who is 6, would be bored but he surprised me.


Sunday we checked out and had lunch at another Mexican restaurant (we love Mexican food) on Oak Lawn called Campuzano. It was the place to be on Sunday for lunch! There was a DJ playing the hottest tunes and people everywhere (and it isn’t a large restaurant). We were the only people in the restaurant with kids, so not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well, we enjoyed it and the food was very good.  Camden (my youngest) LOVED their rice, he ate every piece of rice on his plate and wanted more. After lunch we drove around downtown.  It was a little busy because there was an art festival going on, so a little congested in areas. On our way out of town we stopped at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for my boys, they call this the ‘Spiderman Bridge’ and we always see it on the way in and out of Dallas so this time we stopped to take some pictures with it. 🙂

I am looking forward to my next trip to Dallas already and it’s only been a week since we left. Come on June hurry up and get here!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! As always if you have any questions or just want to leave a little note please leave a comment below or you can always email me at

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  • Johlene Orton

    I totally get you! I was raised in South Africa, but now I live in Spain. Even though I don´t see SA as home anymore, there are so many things I miss tremendously and crave very often!

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