5 Years

Friday the 13th!  April the 13th is the day me and Greg like to call our wedding anniversary.  We got married at the courthouse on March 21, 2013 but we got all dressed up and celebrated on April 13, 2013.  It is hard to believe it has been 5 years.  I will admit even after 5 years I still get butterflies and miss him when he is gone.  Like this week when he has been gone 10 days for work.  I hope to never lose that feeling with Greg.

My past is not perfect but I must have done something right to have Greg in my life.  This was both of ours 2nd marriage and although the 1st time didn’t work out for us someone knew we were meant to be together.  And I thank God every day that he put Greg in my life.  He is the best Instagram husband a girl could ask for.  LOL.  But he is more than that!  He has always been my biggest supporter and is always there with encouraging words when I am feeling defeated.  And not to mention he is the best step dad to my 2 boys.  My youngest thinks he is the best hide and seeker there is!  I love watching them bond and know that they will look up to him as they get older.

So Greg cheers to us and many more years of happiness and butterflies – I love you with all that I have.  I can’t wait to celebrate in Scottsdale with you next week.

I gathered up some of my favorite pictures of us over the last 5 years.  Enjoy!



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