• Amazon Jewelry Under $ 25

    I love jewelry and lately I have been turning to Amazon to look for new statement pieces and even simple pieces of jewelry. And surprisinglyI have found some good quality items at great prices and ship on Prime. Today I am sharing some of my favorites, either I already own or have in my cart, under $25.

  • Denim Tie Waist Dress

    It seems every year I buy a new denim dress. Not sure why but I think they are classic pieces and can be worn several different ways.

  • Green button up shirt from Amazon.

    Amazon Top Finds

    Sometimes it is so much easier for me to shop online. Don't get me wrong I still love to go to stores and try on clothes, but sometimes I can't always get there. So browsing online at Amazon and having stuff delivered in 2 days sounds amazing!

  • Target Try On

    Why do I always get sucked into the clothes when I go to Target for something. I think they know women and put them right in the front of the store for you to be tempted. Well it worked - well played Target, well played.